Samsung Takes Canadians Across Country for QLEDTV Launch in Toronto

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April 11, 2017
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Samsung pulled out all the stops, literally, to take Torontonians on a virtual ride through Canada without leaving the downtown core. The electronics brand partnered with Canadian cinematographer, Jon Simo, to provide Canadians an opportunity to see the country’s beautiful landscapes displayed on the Samsung QLED TV. All of this to celebrate the fleet’s launch in Canada.

Guests boarded a train at Union station, decked out with QLED screens that displayed grandiose views of the landscape in pictures and time lapsed videos. In order to fully immerse people in the cross-country journey, Samsung Virtual Reality headsets displaying 360-degree sweeping views of the ride that transported you from Toronto to the Rocky Mountains.

Simo captured incredible 4K content from iconic Canadian landmarks, from dazzling peaks and jewel-coloured lakes of the Canadian Rockies, to the remarkable Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada. One of the more brilliant features of the QLED screens is the colour display. Performing at 100% colour volume no matter what level of brightness your television is set to, you don’t just watch TV, you experience it.

The accessories are just as intriguing as the televisions. For people with AppleTV, Android Box, or game consoles, you’ll appreciate the wireless outputs and clean back. For those concerned about aesthetics, this means no unsightly cords hanging everywhere. No more exhausting yourself trying to switch from one output to the next or reaching behind the TV to disconnect. The innovative swivel stand requires no mounting and the curved screen allows everyone in the room to experience the same views no matter where they’re sitting. You’ll also enjoy the Samsung OneRemote Control, which can control all connected TV devices from a single source. The Auto Detection feature allows you to find and recognize all your connected devices, and QLED TV automatically displays device names and makes your input selections a no-brainer.

QLED TVs start at 55” and all models will be available in Canada soon. For more details, visit: