Mani Jassal Shows Resort 2017 Collection in Toronto

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May 15, 2017
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I’ve always been obsessed with South Asian culture. The fabrics, the embellishments, and the cuts are always so detailed. While researching emerging Toronto designers, I stumbled across Mani Jassal. She’s a Ryerson Fashion Design graduate with an impeccable sense of style showcased in every garment she creates.

On May 9th at Airship37, I had a chance to check out Mani’s new Resort 2017 collection titled “alamari,” which mean wardrobe and closet in Punjabi, and the inspiration behind her collection. There was also a Moroccan influence throughout each garment and sprinkled around the venue. From the candles and plants outside, to the intricate runway floor, everything was cohesive and created a mood throughout the show.

The theme of the collection was evening wear, inspired in response to the demand for more variety in formal wear, especially in the South Asian market. The Traditional garment is a thing of the past, and now women are searching for more unique pieces while staying true to the culture.

The overall collection had an eclectic vibe deriving from the South Asian traditional gowns. The models enhanced each piece and made the collection even more magical. Every detail, from the silhouettes, cuts and overall craftsmanship, had the audience in complete aww. Mani showed gowns that could be worn to red carpet affairs and jackets and trousers that are more for styled for ready to wear. The collection was as varied as it was completely seamless.

What I found even more breathtaking with alamari was the colour choices that brought out the true essence of Morocco. From powder blues, chalk greys to soft whites, each piece brought you to Moroccan paradise. The collection flowed effortlessly down the runway and gave a feel of a midsummer night’s dream. It also had inspiration of Moroccan architecture and history showcased in each luxurious fabric, hand placed appliqué and bearded embroidery. Each piece can be mixed and matched to create unique styles for any woman for any occasion.

I believe a designer should always stay true to their aesthetic because it’s what keeps that customer always coming back. Mani Jassal is consistent with past and present collections, which is one of the reasons she remains successful in the business. Her aesthetic has been widely recognized around the world with pieces being worn by Celebrities and Influencers like Madison Beer and Gigi Gorgeous.  Her pieces have also been pulled for celebrities such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Jhene’ Aiko, and Beyoncé.

Alamari Resort 2017 is Mani’s fifth collection and is sure to make a huge mark in fashion this summer. The brand is unique yet timeless. I can’t wait to see what else this young designer has in store.