March 5, 2017

“The” Toni Francis

The Toni Francis. I purposely refer to her in that manner when we first get on the phone. She laughs, and of course says she writes it that way out of necessity, but I can’t help but see her name as fitting.   Confidence is important for Toni, and what […]
February 21, 2017

If I Have to Shoot Another Short, I’ll Shoot Another Short

The message was clear: It is our time. It was a message that was present at shows throughout this year’s Toronto Black Film Festival. It was surprising even to me, a Toronto native, that this was the fifth year of this festival’s existence. With this in mind, I didn’t have […]
February 12, 2017

Noorden Food Bar: The Gin Seminar

Amelia Mai   If you’re walking along Yonge — just south of Eglinton, and you see a sign with three vertical red Xs, then you’ve hit the Noorden Food Bar. From the outside, it looks deceptively slim, but once inside, the modern Dutch restaurant and bar stretches far back into […]
February 8, 2017

Past and Present Come Together for the Junos

I remember Alessia Cara performing for the first time at last year’s Junos. I remember Belly jumping on stage with the Weeknd to perform their hit Might Not. What makes the Junos so special is that it’s uniquely Canadian. It’s a chance for our musicians to take pride in representing […]
February 5, 2017

Be Glad You Live in Toronto

Can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that we live in Toronto? Despite our transit problems and housing prices soaring through the roof, we must all acknowledge that Toronto is an amazing place to call home. Look at the world around us. Look at the atrocities of […]
January 31, 2017

Little Sister: A little Indonesian gem near Yonge and Eglinton

TO Dining with Amelia Mai Amelia Mai I had just moved to Yonge and Eglinton and I wanted to check out my new neighbourhood. At around 4 o’clock or so, I went for a little jaunt down Yonge Street. I walked south headed towards St. Clair and Yonge, but before […]