Give Seoul Designers Some Credit

Met Gala Slayage
May 2, 2017
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May 15, 2017

I have always admired the daring fashion expressions of people from the Asian community. They push ALL the boundaries and attempt things that no one would ever think of. Last Month, Seoul had their fashion week and the street style of multiple fashion enthusiasts did not disappoint one bit. Although the names of Seoul designers are still relatively unknown, particularly outside the fashion world, I feel that their forward thinking design aesthetic makes them like the leaders in fashion that no one gives real credit to.

Everyone knows of Parisian style and New York style, but Seoul style tops the mainstream cities that we are used to because they really step outside the box and create the trends many of us are following.

Some of the top designers in Seoul leading the fashion game with their unique looks are The Sirius, Charms, and R.Shemiste. Younchan Chung is the 23 year old designer for The Sirius brand and has been praised as  the future of fashion. After only two seasons of showcasing his collections, he won the International Fashion Showcase designer award presented by the British Fashion Council. There are many reasons for these  accolades, but a big part of his success is because he stays true to his signature beige colour tones and his futuristic aesthetic.

I am obsessed with oversized outerwear, especially denim jackets and fur. Charms designer, Yohan Kang, is known for creating this look. Lately, the whole Kardashian clan, especially Kim, is known for wearing oversized puffer jackets. So even though Charm is not a big brand in North America, it is definitely up to the times and on trend.

For this Fall 2017 collection, Jiyeun Won and Jooho Lee, creators of R.Shemiste, showcased a collection that was pro gender equality. They don’t want their clothes to be worn by a certain gender. Instead, they want to make their pieces accessible to everyone. I like this idea because, in some cases, I do find myself veering off into the men’s section while shopping. Especially if I am looking for something oversized.

All of these brands have street style influences within their designs. That’s because the people inspire the designers at the same time that the designers influence the people. Check out some more looks below.