Cafes for Creatives – Parkdale Village Edition – The Tempered Room

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December 16, 2016
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December 16, 2016

The Tempered Room


Boy oh boy, is this ever a cool spot. Exposed brick, Parisian patisserie (the scone will make your mouth water), and an all around chill vibe. It’s tempting to just give this spot full marks, but remember we’re here for a reason.

We want to know how this place works for creatives. So I’m trying my absolute best to ignore the voodoo tea. Let’s rate how The Tempered Room works for creatives.

As a reminder, we rate by service, solo work, and collaborative atmosphere. Each rating is out of 4. And so we’re fair, we give bonus points for food. Ready? Here we go.

The Tempered Room – 1374 Queen Street West


Service ****

The staff at The Tempered Room know their stuff. They don’t mind walking treats out to your table, or explaining in detail what’s in each tea. For this, they get full marks.

Solo Work ****

Like most cafes in Parkdale, The Tempered Room is fairly cosy. But they do a great job in using the space they have. There’s one main long table at the very front, a table at the front window, and about four tables positioned against the side wall. Great for solo work.

Collaborative Atmosphere **

If you’re lucky enough to get the table at the front, then collaborating is actually a possibility. For everyone else, sitting on the stools at the side table will have to do. Two and a half stars for collaboration potential.

Bonus – Food ****

If I could give them 5 out of 4 I would. I’ve had a few treats and they’ve always been delicious. They’re known for their patisserie, so it’s really no surprise they get full marks here. I’d go here just to get a bite of that kale cake.
For creatives, it’s a surprisingly functional spot. If you can deal with the noise of the two open-concept kitchens, then you’ll be able to get some work done.