Cafes for Creatives – Parkdale Village Edition – The Gladstone Hotel

Cafes for Creatives – Parkdale Village Edition – The Tempered Room
December 16, 2016

The Gladstone Hotel

If you’re not familiar with the Gladstone or have never been, you’re probably asking yourself why it’s on the list of Cafes for Creatives. Well, the Gladstone actually does have a separate room that functions as a cafe during the daytime. And it’s pretty damn amazing.

The area I’m speaking about is to the front of the hotel immediately to your right when you walk in. I’ve been working in there until about 5:00pm. After that, they usually have some kind of fun event like adult colouring or a live band, or both.

Anyways, back to the rules. You know we’re not just judging the food; we’re trying to figure out what makes this spot the ideal cafe for creatives. So without further adieu, let’s get started. Remember, ratings are out of four stars. We’ll make our decision based on service, solo work, and collaboration.

Gladstone Cafe – 1214 Queen Street West


Service ***

Three stars is just about right for the Gladstone. They’re not as bubbly as the staff in the other cafes like Capital Espresso and The Tempered Room, but they’re definitely a cool, friendly bunch.

Solo Work ****

Full marks here. There’s never been a time where I’ve been to the Gladstone and have been forced to sit beside anyone to get my work done. The sheer size of the cafe makes this possible, and they have plenty of free tables.

Collaborative Capabilities ****

You can bring a group of five or six and plot out a whole month of work. Believe me, I’ve seen people do it. What’s also cool are the comfortable armchairs by the windows and the leather chairs towards the back of the cafe. You can really spread out and feel comfortable. Full marks!

Bonus – Food **

You’re not really going to the Gladstone Cafe for the food. They do have a vegetarian- and vegan-friendly menu, but I’d say the food is average. Certainly not bad, but nothing to brag about.  
For creatives, the Gladstone is the ultimate. It has the space, it has the collaborative potential, and still has enough room for you to curl up on a chair by yourself and knock out a few articles or sketch out a few designs. Probably the standard for Cafe for Creatives thus far.