Cafes for Creatives – Parkdale Village – Capital Espresso

Cafes for Creatives – Parkdale Village Edition – The Tempered Room
December 16, 2016
Entrepreneur of the Month – Surinder Bains
December 16, 2016

Capital Espresso

You haven’t tried a muffin until you’ve eaten the coconut and carrot muffin at Capital Espresso. But that’s not what this is about. We’re not here to talk about the lattes and the 12 flavoured shots, which are colourfully depicted on the blackboard. We want to know if Capital Espresso is a cafe for creatives.

The thing is, cafes are our de-facto offices. It’s where we Creatives bring our laptops, have our meetings, and get whatever needs getting done without having to sit in our apartments all-day long.

Some cafes support this kind of lifestyle more than others, which is why we’ve decided to help out Torontonians by listing the most accommodating Cafes for Creatives across the city. Each week, we’ll post a different spot. We’ll go hood by hood so everyone knows their top neighbourhood cafes as ranked by YYZ Living.

As you’ve already guessed, we’re starting with Parkdale. What better place than this classic Toronto neighbourhood that is now a long ways away from its former reputation as a seedy haven for irreputable people. Today, Parkdale can boast of its rich culture, cool bars, and a diverse community — all while still being lined with local markets up and down Queen Street.

So this is how we’re going to do this. We’ll break the ratings down into three sections: Service, Solo Work, and Collaborative Atmosphere. The food we’ll add in as a bonus because really, all we Creatives really need is coffee or water. Everything will be rated out of four stars.

To the ratings we go!

Capital Espresso – 1349 Queen Street West  

Service ****


Anyone that’s been here knows the service is A++. They ask you for your name, tell you their name, and don’t mind having a short conversation while you order. You can also refill your water anytime on your own. Full marks here.

Solo Work ***


Everyone inside of Capital Espresso has their heads buried in their laptops. The music is cool and usually rhythmic which makes for a nice atmosphere. My only complaint is that you’re pretty close together and there’s no real side spots where you can speak one on one without the next table knowing what you’ve said verbatim.

Collaborative Atmosphere **


This is probably the biggest drawback for creatives. It’s almost impossible to do any meaningful collaboration inside of Capital Espresso. It’s just not designed that way. There are no long tables or couches off to the side. You’re pretty much stuck to using one of the regular seats, which is cool, but not at all usable for group work.

Bonus – Food

Food is a bonus here. They don’t have a huge variety, but the muffins seem to be a favourite.

Creative Commentary

If you’re just looking to sit with your laptop and hack out some writing or answer some emails, then Capital Espresso is perfect. If you’re hoping to have meeting or do any collaborative work, then not so much. Still a really cool spot though. Worth a stop if you’re ever in Parkdale.