Be Glad You Live in Toronto

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January 31, 2017
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April 24, 2017

Can we all take a minute to appreciate the fact that we live in Toronto? Despite our transit problems and housing prices soaring through the roof, we must all acknowledge that Toronto is an amazing place to call home.

Look at the world around us. Look at the atrocities of human rights, the violent kidnappings of little girls, the murder of innocent people. Look at the discrimination, the racism, the outright hate being expressed towards marginalized groups. I’m not saying that Toronto is immune to these things, but in comparison, our city is harmonious.

We are welcoming of culture. We are free to express our displeasures without fear of reprisal. We have systems in place that albeit are not perfect, they do protect our rights as human beings, as Canadian citizens, and promote concepts of a unified culture.

Put your shoe on the other foot. What if this city erupted in civil war and the world closed its borders and turned its back? What if you dropped your son to school only to be told hours later that he has been kidnapped along with 200 other students or far worse? What if your daughter wasn’t even able to go to school?

This is just a tip of the terror that happens all over the world. I haven’t spoken of the random bombings, the degrading of women, human trafficking, and scores of other intrusions to our humanity.

So yes, criticize our city. Protest if you must. But do so with the understanding that it is by far one of the greatest places in the world to call home. Do so with gratitude and thankfulness in your hearts. Because in the end, we are lucky, indeed.